How to create an outdoor balcony dining area

Looking for something different than the average café table with a couple of chairs for your rental apartment balcony? Make the most of it for outside living by creating a truly cozy and private outdoor eating area with DIY wood privacy panels and DIY outdoor wood benches that maximize seating on a small balcony. It’s outside living at its best: you’ll be expanding your usable square footage by adding an outdoor room perfect to entertain friends on a hot summer night. Not to mention you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!


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Other sources for materials:  Home Depot, Ikea


  1. rahena

    this is soo cool… thanks

  2. Garry

    Very funky!

  3. manjari

    i loved your work its so simple and amazing ….
    simplicity at its best… u inspire me tx.

  4. Jenn

    OMG!!!! You’re a genius! Simply amazing! Definitely doing this to my bacolny! Thank you so much Isabelle! ^_^

  5. Lauren

    This is a great tutorial! I just moved into a new studio apartment and I have been looking for ideas for my balcony, since the space gets a lot of through traffic being on the 2nd floor. :)

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  7. Jeanie

    Hey Isabelle – thanks for the great idea. I’m making the benches, and I found that when putting the 1×4 slats onto the frame, the outermost screws can’t screw into the frame because 2″ screws are too long and will run into the screws that are holding the frame together.. Did you use a different length screw there? Thanks!

    • Isabelle

      Hi Jeanie, I used 1 1/4″ screws for the frame and to secure the top slats to the frame. The pine boards are 3/4″ thick so when you screw the top slats in place, the screws will go about 1/2″ into the frame. So as long as you leave a 1/2″ space from the edge of the frame , there should be any problem with screws running into each other. The 2″ screws are only for the legs. Hope this helps! Isabelle

  8. Olivier

    This is a really smart idea!

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