How to create an outdoor balcony dining area

Looking for something different than the average café table with a couple of chairs for your rental apartment balcony? Make the most of it for outside living by creating a truly cozy and private outdoor eating area with DIY wood privacy panels and DIY outdoor wood benches that maximize seating on a small balcony. It’s outside living at its best: you’ll be expanding your usable square footage by adding an outdoor room perfect to entertain friends on a hot summer night. Not to mention you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!


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Other sources for materials:  Home Depot, Ikea


  1. Kesar

    Thank you so much for your videos. I tried to take your ideas in creating
    My deck , and it has become a favrout hangout place for my friends and family
    I would like you to see how your idea progressed from your New York balcony
    To my deck in Georgia.
    I can’t thank you enough

    • Isabelle

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing what you did, it made my day :) Looks amazing and I’m so happy to hear that it’s now a favorite place to hang out with your family and friends! Do you mind if I share your picture on facebook? It’s so inspiring, I know others would love to see it! Thanks again for sharing :)

  2. Kesar

    Ofcourse please go ahead and share, after all it’s inspired by your original idea

  3. Kesar

    Here is a better click of my deck.

  4. Ashley

    Hi this is fantastic!! Do you have any recommendations on how to adjust the panel when the balcony corners are slightly curved?

    • Isabelle

      Thanks! I can’t think of anything at the moment but if I come up with something I’ll let you know!

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