How to decorate a small balcony

In this episode, see how to decorate a small balcony to add livable square footage to your apartment by installing a reed fence, and making a bench out of a few plastic storage containers and plywood. There's even room to include a balcony garden with a raised planter. These balcony decorating ideas can also be used for small patios and decks and will inspire you to create your very own outdoor oasis.

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  1. DL

    I love this idea so much! i have been looking for a cute way to store some outdoor items on my patio, in my apartment. Do you have any ideas for making this a tad easier to get in and out of the storage containers? Or I may have it wrong where these pretty easy to get into?

    Thanks and love your ideas!!!

    • Isabelle

      Thank you , glad you like this project! I only used the containers for things I didn’t need to get to often, because it was somewhat cumbersome to get to the containers. For my LA apartment, I built a simple lounging bench that has a top with a door to get to the containers. That might be a better solution for you. Here’s the link: Hope this helps and thanks for watching! Isabelle

  2. Mydria

    I’m going to do this project this weekend! What size plastic storage bins did you use? I can’t tell from the video. Thanks!

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