DIY wall mounted Christmas tree

I've always liked the idea of a wall mounted Christmas tree, especially when you live in a small apartment where floor space is at a premium, but most of the ones I've seen don't look like real Christmas trees, which is what I like. So I came up with this idea to use pine garland to make a real looking wall mounted Christmas tree! It's so easy to put up and there's no chance that my cat will topple it over, win-win. I used Glue Dots flexible hang tabs to put it up which have a temporary adhesive so the tabes remove cleanly when you remove them. You can also enter a giveaway this week for a chance to win a kit to make this project. Info here! * This video was sponsored by Glue Dots *  

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    How much garland does it take

  2. Rose Rojas

    great idea for small apts. like mine.

  3. Carolyn Elliott

    Do glue dots work on a wall that isn’t smooth. My walls don’t work with command hooks (which I love) because of the textured walls.

    • Isabelle LaRue

      I haven’t tried it on bumpy walls but I think it should work because the adhesive is softer.

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