Dining Room on a budget: IKEA’s INGO and IVAR get a facelift

Having left behind most of my furniture when I moved from NYC to LA, I was basically starting from scratch to furnish my dining room. Being on a budget, I decided to go with an inexpensive pine table (INGO – $69) and pine chairs (IVAR – $25 each) from IKEA and give them an upgrade.

I painted the chairs the same blue as in my kitchen (Behr, sailboat), and upholstered the seats with 1″ foam ($7 for 4 x 16″x16″ pads), batting ($5) and a fun striped fabric ($5). For the table, I stained the legs with a semi-transparent stain from Behr in a color called pinto white ($4 – 8 oz sample).

I love how the chairs add lots of personality to my dining room, and for additional seating, I made a banquette by building a simple bench out of 3/4″ MDF and making an upholstered panel for the back. Now it’s time to have a dinner party!

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  1. Cristiana Llanza

    I love your work.. but most of your materials can’t be found here at the Philippines.. I hope i have those too to make it more handy and simple
    More powers to you…

    • Isabelle

      Thank you so much! Hopefully this will change soon and you’ll be able to find the materials you are missing. Thanks for watching!

  2. Nick

    I love your ideas!! I just moved to a teeny tiny apartment in nyc and your videos have realy helped me turned this shoebox into a place that I can live!! You are inspiring ,keep it up !!!

    • Isabelle

      Thank you so much for your message! It’s wonderful to hear that my ideas have helped you make the most out of your tiny apartment!

  3. Don

    Thank you for sharing the paint colors you used. The project looks great!

  4. Ahmed

    I like your work and wish to follow your steps. I am new to the US and not familiar from where things can be bought. For the seatings where have you found these nice materials?

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Hi Ahmed, Thank you! I bought the table and chairs from IKEA and the fabric and foam I got at Walmart. Hope this helps! Isabelle

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