How to make a window cornice

Window treatments were at the top of my list of things to change about my new LA apartment. I just couldn’t live with those vertical blinds and had to find a way to cover up or get rid of them! This first thing I did was take down those vertical slats and put up curtains using the existing vertical blind hardware. I also came up with a design to make an upholstered cornice (also sometimes called a valance) that is a simple and inexpensive way to hide the existing plastic cornice that’s not so pretty. Saying goodbye to those vertical blinds felt so good and my curtains and DIY upholstered cornice/valance completely changed the look of the window, adding that much-needed touch of style and architectural detail to my apartment.


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  2. Tricia

    Any ideas for upgrading mini blinds?

    Did you come up with a way to camouflage that A/C unit? I have a tall heating unit in my apartment that’s the first thing my eye goes to when I walk in 😛

  3. Murtaza

    Hello Isabelle, I’m a renter just like, trying to figure out ways to lower my expenses in keeping the apartment look modern. I stumbled upon your youtube channel while looking for ways to hide the exhaust fan in the bathroom which has this big closed glass window with a fan fixed in the middle. I was wondering if you could help me out by giving some tips on how can I go about hiding this thing. I have bought pleated blinds from IKEA called SCHOTTIS but was unable to fix them as the fan is protruding out wide and plus it blocks the ventilation if fixed on the window borders. Please help me out.

    • Isabelle

      It’s hard to see exactly how the whole thing looks but you could add a frame that’s 3/4″ thick around the existing window frame and install the blinds on that so the blinds hang away from the window.

      • Murtaza

        I was thinking to the same. Rather going for the thick frame, I thought of just adding a shelf on top and then hanging the blinds from it. Lets see how it comes up. Thanks for the reply. You are doing a great work. Keep it up :)

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