How to decorate a balcony – LA Edition part 2

In part 1 of this balcony makeover, I covered up the tired looking walls of my 10 ft x 3.5 ft balcony in a way that made it possible to use the top for plants and accessories. I also built DIY lattice panels to add shade and much needed privacy, installing them without making any structural changes to the balcony. Now in part 2, it’s time for some furniture and accessories to complete my outdoor room with a place to lounge, an al fresco dining area and a small garden. You’ll see how I made a lounging storage bench, how to makeover an inexpensive IKEA table, and how to make a vertical herb garden that doesn’t take up any floor space. You won’t believe the before and after of this rental balcony makeover!


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  1. Chantal

    Bonjour Isabelle
    Wow!! You amaze me with your creativity and will to just do it. My younguest one started school today and I have all kind of projects I want to do. Merci pour l’inspiration!

    • Isabelle

      Bonjour Chantal, Thanks so much et bienvenue! Good luck with all your projects and I hope you’ll share pics :)

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  3. Ivelisse

    omg i love all your works for me you Are the best .

  4. divya Harish

    Hey Isabelle! You won’t believe how helpful your video and the design has been. I owe this to you with a biiig thanks

    • Isabelle

      Wow, I’m speechless! It’s absolutely beautifully done and your version of the lattice panel design of the lattice is just perfect for your balcony. Thank you so much for sharing, it made my day!

  5. Denyse

    Hey Isabelle,

    I just found your videos on Youtube and I’m in awe of your designs. Thank you for sharing your ideas and super detailed instructions. I’m going to an apartment with an open porch (yikes!) and have been looking for ideas on how to close it off on a budget. Have you ever done a project like this? Any tips would be truly appreciated.
    Best to you,

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Hi Denyse, Congrats on the apartment! I haven’t done a project like that yet so I don’t have any specific advice to give – I would look online for inspiration, it’s the first thing I do when I have a new project! All the best to you, Isabelle

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