Small rental balcony makeover on a budget

This makeover is full of small balcony ideas you can use, especially if you live in a rental apartment and can’t make any holes in the walls or if you’re on a budget! My friend Lisa asked for my help to transform her less than fabulous small rental balcony into a cozy inviting outdoor space to enjoy with her dog Leo. The first project I tackled was transforming an odd opening into a beautiful custom feature, all for less than $65. Then I built a DIY custom bench which only cost $35 in materials and became a comfy place to lounge thanks to some inexpensive outdoor cushions from IKEA. I came up with a clever way to install a trellis without making any holes in the walls and I also made a special table that is a great space saving idea for tiny balconies.  I added lots of plants, including a gorgeous staghorn fern, and last but not least, I installed smart outdoor LED lights to add some ambiance in the evening. The end!

Link to Lisa’s Book: “Finding Fabulous - Paving the Path from Paycheck to Passion”

Items from this balcony makeover:

Round carved wood panel (Target - $50)

Small round table (World Market - $69)

IKEA outdoor chair - APPLARO ($35)

IKEA outdoor seat cushions - HALO ($25 each)

Rug (similar to the one I used - $13-15)

Outdoor smart LED lights ($120):

Lightify Gateway

Lightify Gardenspot lights (14 ft)

Lightify Gardenspot extensions (4.67 ft)

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