Small kitchen ideas: tension rod above sink

I love tension rods and have used them for many things as I mentioned in this previous post. And they have saved the day again in my new rental apartment, this time as part of my kitchen makeover. By installing a tension rod above the sink, it gave me a place to hang my dish towel right over the sink: no more water dripping on the floor from wet hands reaching for the towel below the sink!

It also makes a great spot to hang small plastic containers (I got mine at IKEA for $1) to hold sponges and for s-hooks to hang other light items like a dish brush. I love how it keeps everything off the counter and adds a bit of color too!

 You can watch my kitchen makeover where I also installed a removable backsplash and used temporary wallpaper to add some much needed color in this video here:


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  1. Barbara

    What a great idea. Hope your doing well in your new home and State….

    • Isabelle

      Thank you Barbara! I’m still getting settled into my new home and I’m doing well – gotta love all that sunshine 🙂

  2. Marla

    Great Idea!! Can’t wait to see your new place!

  3. Shaazia

    You are a genius so happy I came across your website.
    I can’t do DIY at all but now I think with the videos I’ll be able to do something good.

    • Isabelle

      Hope you’ll give DIY a try – it’s fun to make things, even if they don’t always turn out as planned!

  4. Margaret

    The only thing that concerns me (and I know it was this way for everyone for YEARS) is the outlet just above the kitchen sink. It should be a GFCI. This is a potentially dangerous situation with electricity and water that close. Probably nothing will happen, but why take chances? Call your electrician, please.

    • Isabelle

      Because I live in a rental, I’m pretty much stuck with the outlet where it is unless the landlord decides to do something about it!

  5. Bev Palmisano

    Love the idea but what is an outlet doing over the sink and a wire, that frightens me.

    • Isabelle

      I live in a rental so I’m pretty much stuck with the outlet where it is unless the landlord decides to do something about it!

  6. Anne B

    Well done!!!

  7. Janis

    Yes you can do something! Call the city code enforcement Officer. This is a safety violation and they will make him bring your place up to code. You can’t make him but they can. You will be doing his other tenants, if he has any, a favor because they will check all properties he owns if they find your home is out of code (which it is) So no telling what other violations he has when they start checking!

  8. marie

    Love your ideas. Where in Canada can you buy those small tension rods? I have looked everywhere for the small ones.

    • Isabelle

      I’ve had some luck in Dollar Stores and I think some hardware stores or you can look for them in Fabric stores, or even hardware stores. Good luck!

  9. Barbara

    What is the name of the beautiful blue paint you used for your accent wall in the kitchen and where did you purchase? Great job in your whole apartment. Very creative ideas. I am an Interior Designer and I love your ideas. I have subscribed to your site and look forward to more great ideas.

    • Isabelle

      The paint is from Behr (Home Depot) and the color is “Sailboat”. Thank you and thanks for subscribing! Appreciate it!

  10. After many years, I am in an apartment for the first time in my life – been here going on 4 years but looking for another – love the idea of the removable paper for the wall….will check it out when I make a move………love your ideas….

    • Isabelle LaRue

      I can imagine it’s a huge change! Glad to hear that my ideas are helpful, thank you! Isabelle

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