How to make a double sided picture frame

Looking to make a special gift for someone? Make this very simple double sided frame – no power tools needed and it’s easy to customize!

Here’s the list of materials you’ll need:

2 identical picture frames for 4”x6” photos:
3/4” square wood dowel (2 x 10” long):
3/4” wide wood veneer edging (birch):
2” wide wood veneer edging (birch):
Velcro dots:
6” long wood sticks or popsicle sticks:

And here are the tools and supplies you’ll need:

Wood glue:
Sand paper:
Bar clamps:
Staple gun:
Speed square:
Miter box and saw (optional):
Utility knife:

Thanks to Walgreens for sponsoring this video – you can check out their online photo developing center here:

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