How to make a wall lamp with a shelf

I have a very small living room which means I don't have any room for end tables, so no room for table lamps and no room for floor lamps. So to add more lighting, I came up with this design for wall sconces that incorporate a shelf that can double as small end tables. I made them using standard materials from the hardware store and only a few hand tools like a drill and a hand saw.  

Interested in making your own version of these wall sconces? Take a look at these additional videos that have extra tips and tricks that I learned from making these lamps that will help you when you make yours: 

Tips for making the shade: Coming soon!

Tips for assembling the lamp: Coming soon!

I got most of the materials for this project at the hardware store and craft stores and here are links to the products I got online:

2" iron-on wood edging

Light kit

Mica flakes

Pour-on high gloss finish

And you can also download this free project guide that has all the info you need to make them, including a list of tools, supplies, materials and a template to follow: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.33.49 PM











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  1. Kerri Grandmaison

    You really know how to keep it simple. From watching you, I think I can do some of these. Needless to say I will be asking for tools from Santa this year. Thank you for sharing and empowering us. Hope you do more

  2. Dafna

    You are so talented and the wall sconces are just wonderful! You make it look so simple that I feel like doing it right now! Thank you for sharing.

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