How to make a wall lamp

Lighting is a very important element in setting the right mood in any home yet it’s often challenging to design lighting on a budget, especially in rental apartments where you often have limited options.  In this episode, I show you how to make beautiful wall lamps that you can customize with different DIY lamp shades to complement your décor. Because the wall sconces are made with a plug-in light kit with a switch, you can install them on a wall without having to deal with electrical wiring – perfect for renters!

Want to make this lamp? Download this free template to get you started:



Here are quick links to some of materials for the project in this video:

Iron on edging (birch) 

Clip-on candelabra light kit

Wall mounted switch and plug-in receiver

Corner guards

Aluminum sheet

Metal snips

Have you made this lamp? Share pics in the comments below!

Shop for items related to this project via the EYS Amazon Store. Other sources for materials:  Home (for brads)


  1. Kelly

    Hi Isabelle,

    First I wanted to say that I LOVE your channel and that you are a true inspiration. My question is, do I absolutely need corner guards that are 3/4″? I can’t seem to find any that size around my area, and those who have it online charge an too much for shipping. Any tips? Thanks.


    • Isabelle

      Hi Kelly,

      Thank you so much! Any corner guard should be able to do the trick, as long as there’s enough space to drill a pilot hole for the brads to go through. If they are too wide, you could always trim them down using a utility knife or heavy duty scissors. Hope this helps!


  2. Emanuel

    Hi Isabelle

    I´m from México, and I just want to tell you thanks for your great ideas and for share them, congratulations!!!!

  3. amber hanif

    its so nice and this is too cheap that a renter can afford this helps me and i’ll try this !!!! thanks

  4. maria

    Hi i am going to try to do this over the weekend but wanted to know if I could use fabric instead of panel.

    Maria F

    • Isabelle

      Hi Maria, Sorry for the late reply – the panel material works better because it’s thicker and stiffer so it’s easier for it to stay smooth when you attach it to the embroidery hoops. You might be able to use fabric if it’s thick enough. All the best with your project!

  5. Simone

    Do you have to use the brads or can we just heat the wood edging and leave it like that without the brads?

  6. Farhad Hossain

    I make this. is it Good?

  7. Julie

    This is really neat and might work for my little space. My challenge is getting the products needed in South Africa as they usually have different names.

    • Isabelle

      I totally understand the challenges of finding the right supplies. Hopefully you’ll find what’s needed to recreate the project!

  8. Sylvia

    Hi Isabelle
    Let me start first by saying, I love, love your projects. Reading your projects and tips are really an inspiration.
    Now for the question.. If I want to make the wall lamps longer in height (twice the size of yours)do you think one bulb will do or should I install 2? If I install 2, how should I position them under the loop shade? side by side or one on the bottom and the other on top?

    • Isabelle

      Hi Sylvia,

      Thank you so much, so glad to hear you like my projects!

      I think I would position them one on the bottom and one on the top to have a more even distribution of light from top to bottom. Hope you’ll share pics of your project!


  9. Lucy

    A couple questions:
    How long do the brads need to be? I see them in many lengths, not sure which to buy.
    Also, are there any other suggestions as to where can I buy the “panel material”? I don’t have any of the stores listed on your materials list. Is there another name for panel material that might show up on a Google search? I do have a great fabric store down the street, but they didn’t know what I was asking for. Would upholstery fabric work, or some kind of thick burlap?
    Thanks so much!
    Great idea. I just fully overhauled (patched and painted)my son’s old bedroom, and am not sure how I am ultimately going to use that room. So I don’t want to make any holes on the pristine walls yet. But meanwhile,I need a safe earthquake-proof source of light in there., i.e. a lamp that is attached to the wall- to prevent potential fire from my tall torch lamps tipping over in an earthquake. Had an earthquake just yesterday! This only emphasized what needs to be done in there. There are no ceiling lights attached to the switches in any of my bedrooms. Strange! I have other folks in the house who shall remain nameless ;-), who are not good about turning off lights when they leave the room, or even when they leave the home. I need fail-safe alternative light sources that are not cost prohibitive and the frosting on the cake here is that I don’t have to make holes in those walls. Your project was exactly what I needed and looking for. I am going to make one for each bedroom in my house.
    Thanks again,

    • Isabelle

      Hi Lucy,

      The silver brads I used are 20 mm long – here’s a link to the ones I bought online:

      The panels come from IKEA and I haven’t seen that type of material elsewhere. This said, any fabric with some rigidity to it can work, including the burlap as you suggested. It just needs to let some light through, otherwise the sconces won’t provide much light.

      I would love to see the sconces you end up making and how they look in your home so I hope you’ll share pics!

      Thanks for watching the show!


  10. Franliz Garcia

    Hello Isabelle!!
    I loved this project! Although, I have a question. I’ve been thinking on making it with fabric or burlap as you mention in other comments, but my question is, Do you think it is ok? Like because of the heat, it wont be dangerous or anything right?

    Thank you very much for sharing your creative ideas with us!!!

    Franliz García

    • Isabelle

      Hi Franliz, Thank you, glad you like it! I recommend always using LED lightbulbs with my DIY lamps – they don’t give off as much heat so it’s not an issue to use burlap or any other fabric to make the shades. Plus they don’t consume as much energy so LED lightbulbs are better all around. Hope this helps!


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