how to hide or replace vertical blinds

I'm not a fan of vertical blinds and they were everywhere in my LA apartment. So I came up with a few easy ways to either hide them or replace them with curtains using the existing hardware! One of the things I used are these drapery hooks to switch out the slats for curtains. It was very inexpensive and quick to do and it gave a more custom personal touch to my apartment which is so much better than the original vertical blinds!


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  1. doreen rossan

    love your ideas – plus it is something I might be able to do!

  2. Nick

    Please upload another video!!! Im dying for it!!

  3. sherry

    Sure wish you had your own show on HGTV! I love all of your ideas!

  4. Ravi

    where do we get the plastic clips for dowel wood which you have. I’m planning to work on it.


    • Isabelle LaRue

      I didn’t buy them, they are part of the hanging hardware that was already installed.

  5. maggie krusch

    This is so perfect. I have had some eggplant colored sheers that I use to use in my bedroom. I acquired this home with one of these plastic sliders. Your idea is so perfect !!! Thank You for my new project !!!!!

  6. Mike

    What an amazingly simple idea!! Thank you. Found your projects by accident and love them. Thank you.

  7. londi

    Hi Isabelle, I liked your video on using the No No bracket. I just wish there was a way to hang my kitchen curtain over the vertical blinds head rail without having to use curtains with grommets. So I guess my plan will be to make curtains and add the grommets.

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