How to decorate a small balcony – LA edition part 1

With beautiful weather year round in LA, I was determined to make the most out of my small balcony, even though I’m renting and on a small budget. In part 1 of this balcony makeover, I managed to give the balcony a whole new look with a few inexpensive DIY projects: I covered up the tired looking walls in a way that made it possible to use the top for plants and accessories and I also tamed the hot California sun by installing DIY lattice panels that also added some much needed privacy. And I did this all without making any structural changes to the balcony. The transformation is amazing and it's just the beginning!


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  1. Debbie Wilson

    Great videos & beautiful work!!! For the balcony project (LA), did you have to get authorization with the manager or city? Thank you for your reply

    • Isabelle

      Thank you! I haven’t had any issues with the manager or city on what I did to the balcony.

  2. Lauren

    This is brilliant, Isabelle. I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking for classy solutions to create privacy on our LA rooftop patio. Thank you!! Can you offer any recommendations for adapting the privacy screen for a patio that does not currently have any existing columns?

    • Isabelle

      Thank you Lauren! You could placing large wooden planters at the corners of your patio and securing the privacy screens to the planters. As long as the planters are very heavy and the privacy screens not too high, it should hold up fine. Hope this helps! Isabelle

  3. Rani

    Isabel, i lovvvve all your videos and i am so inspired by you, i wish i have all the tools you have and ofcourse your ability. Bravo!

  4. Judith.

    Hi Isabell. I love your videos with very easy steps to understand. Thank you very much. I need help please I am renting a living room and I am allow to install 2 safe and provisional walls with doors in the open spaces, please I would like to know what kind of material I can use and also the tools I need for than project. Thank you very much in advanced.

  5. Matt

    Can you link to the Closetmaid closet leveler kit? I can’t locate anything like you show in your video.

  6. Eugenia

    Hi Elisabeth.
    You are such an inspiration for me. Thank you for this great project.
    In my case, I have been thinking about my own balcony. The diference is that I live in Canada and we have a lot of snow here, for at least 5 months a year. My appartement is on the second floor and this year will be my first winter here, so I will see how much snow I will really get. Hopefully I will send you some photos of my balcony ready, during winter. Thanks for your great projects.

    • Isabelle LaRue

      HI Eugenia! Thank you so much for your kind words:) I’m Canadian so I know what you mean about the snow but I still think it’s worth it to give balconies some love – it’s great to have the added living space in the warmer months!

  7. Nguyet

    Hi there Isabelle. Great work on your projects. I really like how you come up with ideas such as the closet leveler to hang up the wooden lattice against the wall which had no columns. Question, the know the video has to move fast with instructions but do you have written instructions on how to build the DIY projects. I kind of get lost just watching the videos. Thank you.

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Hi! Thanks, glad you like my work. If you look at my blog, some of the projects I’ve done in my videos are also in blog format but not all of them. It’s pretty time consuming to do so I’m getting that done a little bit at a time!

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