How to decorate a kitchen on a budget

My galley kitchen in my new apartment is definitely an upgrade from my NYC kitchen but I wanted to give my generic white rental kitchen an upgrade and a little bit more personality with some color. I’ve always wanted a blue kitchen so I added a touch of blue with a temporary DIY backsplash and you’ll see how I managed to also paint a feature wall blue without actually painting the wall using temporary wallpaper. Lighting is also very important so I’m going to show you how to install under cabinet lighting using IKEA LED lights for better task lighting at the counter. With these changes, and few more tweaks, I now really love my kitchen and actually like to spend time in it!


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Other sources for materials: CB2, IKEA


  1. David Bolton

    I realize colors can be “off” when viewed online, however, the color as it appears on your kitchen wall is nothing like the “Sailboat” color I find on the Behr website ( so I am wondering how come the color on your wall is such a dark, jewel toned blue, while the Behr site shows more of a dull color?

    • Isabelle

      What can I say? Paint colors are tricky – different computer monitors and video cameras will impact how a particular paint color looks. I can tell you that the sailboat blue looks very different on my dining room chairs (it looks closer to the color on the website) than on the kitchen wall. The only way to truly know how a paint color will look in a room is to paint a swatch on the wall.

  2. Kayla

    Can I ask where you got that fabric or who made it. I love that pattern and would like to try using it myself if possible.

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  4. Billie

    Hello Isabelle.

    I really enjoyed your video, this Was my first time ever watching one of your YouTube showd. Where did you happen to find the removable wallpaper. I do apologize in advance if you mentioned it and I just overlooked it. I’ve been searching for removable wallpaper but have not had any luck.


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