How to create an outdoor balcony dining area

Looking for something different than the average café table with a couple of chairs for your rental apartment balcony? Make the most of it for outside living by creating a truly cozy and private outdoor eating area with DIY wood privacy panels and DIY outdoor wood benches that maximize seating on a small balcony. It’s outside living at its best: you’ll be expanding your usable square footage by adding an outdoor room perfect to entertain friends on a hot summer night. Not to mention you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!



  1. Emi

    Hello Isabelle! I have been following you on youtube trying to do your DIY projects. I am an architect by profession but was not able to practice it since I chose to stay at home and take care of my 2 children. I am so impressed with how you do your projects with so much ease and amazed by how it turned out once finished. I am planning to do some of it once I get the materials and spare time to do it (without my tots playing with the screws and all :P).
    I hope I’d be able to share the picture with you and your million followers.

    Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Emi from the Philippines

    • Isabelle

      Hello Emi, Thank you so much for your message and your kind words! Hearing how my work inspires someone like you to DIY is why I continue to do what I do 🙂 How amazing that you are an architect! I love architecture and considered studying that myself but I ended up getting a building engineering degree instead. While I don’t do that type of work anymore, what I learned continues to serve me well in many ways, like problem solving and breaking down projects into manageable steps.

      Thanks so much for being part of the EYS community and all the best with your DIY adventures – I can only imagine how challenging it must be to DIY with little ones around but I can’t wait to see what you make when you find the time!


  2. Isabelle, I finally got the long bench done tonight. Project took forever. I tried the Behr semi-transparent stain but didn’t like the look, so I stained it with Minwax Red Mahogany and sealed it with outdoor urethane. Still have to submit proposal to the condo board to build and add privacy fence on our balcony. But having the bench out there is an excellent add. Thanks so much for the video! V-

    • Isabelle

      That’s great news Davida! That finish for the bench sounds really nice – can you share a picture of it? Would love to see it. Good luck the condo board – hope they vote in your favor! Isabelle

  3. Michael

    This might be a little difficult for me since I am a beginner. But it is extremely impressive to me. I am wondering where I can purchase the finished wood panel and bench so I only need to assemble them. haha

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