How to position reference lines: Tips

See how to position your reference lines to start laying down your tiles so you end up with the best results for your room. This video explains how to use the 3-4-5 rule and a chalk line.

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  1. Jim

    The video for How to Position Reference Lines is not working. If you can get it fixed, let me know.

    • Isabelle

      I took a look at the video and it’s working on my end so I’m not sure what is happening on your end…

  2. Diane

    Bonjour Isabelle est-ce que vous parlez francais vu votre nom si oui ou je peux acheter ces tuiles svp merci

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Bonjour Diane, Oui, en effet, je parle Francais (je suis Canadienne-Francaise). Malheureusement, ces tuiles ne sont plus disponibles…

  3. Like Jim, the space where the video should be is totally blank.

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