How to make a drum shade

Do you like everything about your apartment, except for that unsightly ceiling light fixture? No need to replace it, just cover it up with a DIY drum shade - it will instantly give your room a more sophisticated and personalized look. See how easy it is to make a customized drum shade that will fit any décor, all with inexpensive and easily sourced materials: embroidery hoops, poster board and brads. This is do it yourself lighting on a budget that's perfect for renters and anyone looking for a quick upgrade to their lighting fixtures.


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  1. This turned out great! It’s very similar to the one I made with plexiglass and embroidery hoops. I think the Keylor family blog was the first to come up with this idea and you have improved upon it magnificently.

    I’m looking forward to trying out your idea in the future.

  2. Sclarke

    Awesome cant wait to try this!

  3. Ajay Gunnoo

    Thanks Very much Isabelle. your videos are very helpful to me. Think you speak French as well. Regards

    • Isabelle

      It’s so nice to hear that my videos are helpful! Yes, French is my native language and I also speak Spanish. Thanks for watching!

  4. maureen

    Where can I find these lighting panels?

  5. Ana

    After looking around and not finding what I had in mind; I started searching for DIY projects. I came upon your video and was very impressed. I can’t what to start!Thanks for including materials, suppliers and best of all…templates.


    • Isabelle

      You’re welcome Anna – glad to hear that my video and the additional info was helpful! Would love to see pics of your creation when you’re done!

  6. Janice

    Is poster board like cardboard? Ive been trying to find from sttionery shops but they dont seem to sell them. Do you have any idea where i could buy it please? Thank you!

    • Isabelle

      Yes, but it’s more like thick paper. they sell that at office supply stores like Staples or Office Depot. Hope that helps!

    • Chris

      You may know this as “bristol board.”

  7. Anithra Hebard

    I am so impressed with the quality of your work! You did an amazing job. I have a lamp project in my Lighting class and we have to make an entire lamp. I have decided to use old wine bottles as my base and a lamp kit for the electrical. Adding this lamp shade would be fantastic. Is there a way I can use this same concept but attach the shade to a lamp base?

  8. Salina

    I love your videos and youtube channel! You inspired me to specifically searching for a studio when I found my new place because I loved your ideas so much!! haha! I cannot wait to start decorating and making it my own!

    • Isabelle

      I’m so happy to hear that!! Thank you so much and I hope you’ll share pics of your new place 🙂

  9. Jennifer Duff

    Great DIY! I’ve been looking for a solution to cover the ugly light fixture in bedroom. I have question, how did you secure the embroidery hoop closed where the metal clamp is? Or did you just take off the metal clamp and use the larger part? Sorry there was nothing in video to explain. Thanks!

    • Isabelle

      Thanks! The outside hoop with the metal clamp is only used to help the cardboard stick to the inner embroidery hoop. Once the glue has dried, you take it off and all that remains is the inner hoop that doesn’t have the metal clamp on it. Hope this helps! Isabelle

      • Jennifer Duff

        thanks! After I posted I figured it out LOL I love your DIY videos. There are more than a few that I am in process of doing. I just found a Stanley Mitre Box Saw yesterday for $4! I am making the lighted wall panels for my daughter new apartment, and for my entryway. Looking forward to more your great DIY’s and have a great day.

  10. Robin

    How were you able to attach it to the ceiling? Because of the size of my fixture, I’m forced to attach the drum right from the ceiling. I’m finding it difficult to attach S hooks to the eye hooks. Also, I have to perform this from under the fixture. How were you able to then get the diffuser into place without pressing it in from above?

    Great tutorial! I love how mine came out! Thanks!

    • Isabelle

      Glad to hear you like the tutorial! You could use eye hooks in the ceiling and put them slightly wider than the drum shade to make it easier to hook together (I used the holes from the existing fixture to hang the s-hooks). The diffuser was tricky but it was loose enough that it fell in place pretty easily.

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