DIY magnetic spice rack

Storing your spices on the wall is a great way of freeing up precious cabinet space in a small kitchen. You can make your own DIY wall spice rack by using a cookie sheet or pizza pan with magnetic spice containers – the colorful spices will also doubles as artwork!

You can also make your own magnetic spice containers with store bought spices by simply gluing magnets (from the dollar store) to the bottom of small round spice containers – I used liquid nails glue. For square spice containers, you can glue thin magnetic sheeting material on the back.

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  1. gopika

    i love u ideas and intent to put it at my home. i have a request can u pl give some ideas for the kitchen

  2. Angel

    What a great idea! I love how it keeps spices off already limited counter space for many of us. Thank you so much for sharing! I am wondering though how it was mounted on the wall? Thank you!

    • Isabelle

      Glad you like the idea! I just screwed it into place, through the holes of the pizza pan.

  3. Cara

    Great, easy idea. Definitely going into my kitchen.

  4. Harleen

    This is just practical and genius!
    I forgot how cheap and useful magnets are but this is new level of use.

  5. sue walsh

    How exactly do you attach the pizza tin? There is not visible evidence of any attachments. Could we have specifics please?

  6. Ann

    That’s a cool idea!! Instead of screwing it in place, could try command picture hanging strips. That way there isn’t a hole that would need filling in if you move out.

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