DIY Hanging Purse Organizer

I was looking for a quick and easy way to store my purses so I could free up some shelf space in my closet, and looking at a length of chain I had lying around, inspiration struck to create this simple hanging purse organizer:

Best of all, it requires no tools to make: all you need is a length of chain (you can get this at any hardware store for ~$0.50 to $1 per ft), and some s-hooks (I got mine at IKEA – 10 for $1 but you can also find these at hardware stores).

To hang it, I used a carabiner (~$2.00 from any hardware store) which works great to hang on a hook or you can simply loop the chain around the closet rod and clip the chain in place with the carabiner.

Then it’s just a matter of spacing out the s-hooks to hang the purses in a way that makes them easy to see. You could also use the same system to hang hats, scarves, etc. And did you notice that my choice of purse colors seems to match the EYS logo? I guess I really do like orange and gray!


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