Quick and affordable rental bedroom makeover

It doesn't need to cost a lot or take a lot of time to freshen up a bedroom and give it new life! When you live in a rental apartment, it makes sense to not spend too much time or money to decorate, so in this makeover, everything is quick and easy to do on a budget.

On the to-do list for this makeover was to bring in some color (without painting since this isn't something that's allowed in this rental), cover up the vertical blinds somehow and also hide the A/C unit, and add some storage using the vertical space as this is a very small bedroom.

The entire makeover came in at $266, just a few dollars over the $250 budget and now the room has a much cozier and warmer feel with the curtains hiding the vertical blinds and the A/C unit when it's not being used. And the best part is that I hung the curtains without making any holes in the wall thanks to brackets that slide onto the existing vertical blind track! Lots of vertical storage was also added thanks to a hanging jewelry box and adding more shelves to the existing bookcase. 

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  1. Sarah

    Love your idea for maximizing the space in the bookcase. Also, the vertical blind in my sunroom always my eyesore. I have tried hanging curtains by using a normal curtain rod but not successful. Now I know how to work on it. Thank you!

  2. DJ Geary-Cordova

    Great tips and ideas for rentals!

  3. Martha Poe

    Love your ideas and solutions you provide with an affordable cost.

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