How to organize kitchen cupboards to display china

A couple of weeks ago I helped my mom move into a new apartment. It’s a wonderful apartment but a bit smaller then where she used to live, so there isn’t enough space for her beloved china cabinet. It housed an exquisite collection of fine china my parents had accumulated over the years, and it was very important to my mom to find a new way to store and display the collection. When I saw the big kitchen plenty of kitchen cabinets, I got an idea to use some of the cabinet space to display some of the china.


I used an inexpensive tension I got at the Dollar Store and placed it about a couple of inches above the shelves, and about an inch away from the back.


Then it was just a matter of wedging the plates behind the tension rod to make them stay upright. They make a pretty backdrop and this also leaves room in front of the plates to either display more china or to store other things.


Now my mom gets to enjoy looking at her beautiful collection of fine china every time she opens the cupboards – another win for tension rods!





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  1. Pamela Allen

    I love all of your ideas, I originally found you on You Tube and watched all you put up. If I don’t comment on all of them it’s because I’m too lazy to do so. I am,however; going to watch all of your video’s.

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Thanks so much for watching Pamela, and no worries about commenting, I get it!

  2. Crystal J. Brown

    Fine China, looking so beautiful.I happy to know the experience of you and your mom.I gather some information from your article about small kitchen organize.Thank you for sharing your experience.

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