How to organize a small closet for tool storage

Have a small closet? Quick "no tools needed" extra shelving, a DIY door organizer, lighting and a dresser can organize it to really maximize storage!

Here are some of the things that I used to make my closet makeover happen:

LED lights:

Glue Dots reposionable sheets:


For a complete resource guide and a list of tools and materials you need for this project, just look below!

Resource Guide How to organize a small closet for tool storage

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  1. Adolphe

    Admiring. Expecting that you post something on your bathroom…

  2. Ofelia, from Mexico City

    Thank you for all of this great ideas! This closet really make the best for the space. Great job!

  3. Michelle

    Love your videos!

  4. Lisa

    You are awesome – you make it look so easy; it makes me think I could do this! Would love some ideas for concealing kitty litter pans!!

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