How to install a temporary tile floor

Old linoleum or vinyl tile flooring can be challenging for renters. What do you do if you can't replace them but can't stand looking at them? The easy renter-friendly solution is installing tile on tile: you can cover up the old vinyl tiles with a semi-permanent DIY vinyl tile flooring that you can remove later without leaving a trace. Watch this episode to see how easy it is to install a temporary vinyl tile floor with double sided tape - it completely transforms a drab and ordinary kitchen into a space full of color and personality!

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  1. Sandy Gilbert

    Do you think you could use regular floor tile, not remove the backing to expose the adhesive and still make it work?

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Not sure but that could work – I would test it with a few tiles and see!


    where can I find tiles similar to these > with plain colours

    • Isabelle LaRue

      Unfortunately they don’t make these tiles anymore and I haven’t found anything similar.

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